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How to maintain the ecological plastic runway in summer? 

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  The summer climate is very hot and boring.Keep away from organic solvents,chemicals,cigarette butts and other dangerous fires to avoid fire on the plastic runway.The plastic runway is suitable for all-weather use with certain drainage facilities.Prevent flammable materials from entering the plastic runway.
  Maintenance personnel need to clean up the water left by the exercise in time.It is forbidden to soak the plastic track in stagnant water.Although some ground uses waterproof glue to separate water sources,long-term soaking will seriously affect the service life of the plastic track.In the cleaning process,use a water suction machine to suck up the sewage in time.After cleaning,a small amount of residual water on the rubber surface can be removed with a dry cloth.Oil stains can be cleaned with 10%ammonia or detergent or washing powder.
  After athletes play on the plastic track,sweat or drinks are spilled on the plastic track.The maintenance personnel of the venue should remove all kinds of dirt and domestic garbage on the venue in time,wash the track regularly,and prohibit hard and rough cleaning equipment to avoid sharp objects hitting the plastic Do not lift or kick the ground of the plastic field with your hands on the runway;resolutely dig out the bottom of the roots that are polluted and corroded by diesel and fill it with glue;
  If there is a lot of people and the plastic runway wears a lot of land,the use time should be shortened.When using it,pay attention to the margins and do not arbitrarily lift.Vehicles are not allowed to drive on,and heavy objects and sharp objects are piled up.
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