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EPDM particles

EPDM particles for plastic track

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The special EPDM particles for Jinlu plastic track provide customers with a brand-new overall solution for sports flooring from product raw materials, technology research and development, production technology to terminal applications, and quality inspections at each level to ensure that the quality of the particles is excellent, so that customers have no worries. , To bring a more comfortable and healthy venue experience for the majority of sports enthusiasts.
Brand: Jinlu
Product name: EPDM rubber granules
●Product specifications: 0.5-2mm,1—3mm,1—4mm,2—4mm   
●Scope of application: professional sports grounds, college and technical school kindergarten sports grounds, municipal trails, green roads, etc.
●Product advantages
1. All colors are peroxide cured, with excellent color stability and high UV resistance.
2. Due to its high polymer content, it guarantees better durability.
3. The warehouse stock can be delivered immediately.
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